Thursday, January 03, 2008

I'm For Mitt

Tonight is the Iowa caucus. Finally, the rhetoric starts turning into decisions.

As a Republican, I've read and listened to the views of Huckabee, McCain, Paul, Giuliani, and Romney. Here's how I've sorted them out:
  • Paul is too libertarian for me. I don't support his foreign policy of total isolation.
  • Giuliani is strong on defense and sensible spending, but too liberal on social policy, particularly on abortion.
  • McCain is a war hero who has my deep respect, yet I won't overlook his role in limiting free speech in campaigns (McCain-Feinberg), nor his political maneuvers in the Senate that kept good judges from being confirmed.
  • Huckabee is an evangelical Christian. For this, I am glad, but that in itself is not enough to garner my support. In particular, Huckabee has raised taxes too much in Arkansas, is ignorantly critical of Bush's foreign policy, and won't protect our borders, thus continuing the problem of illegal immigration.
That leaves me with Mitt Romney. Not that I support him because he's "the least of two evils." Actually, I think he's well qualified.

In short, Romney is a fiscal and social conservative. He's strong on defense. He supports border patrol and legal immigration. He's presidential. He handles himself well. He's been a very successful business leader. While I don't share his Mormon faith (nor do I believe that Mormonism is Christian), it's evident from Scripture that God superintends the leaders He raises up to govern the nations.

Here then is my choice. You won't hear about it in my pulpit, just on this blog.

Let's see what happens.

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Anonymous said...

Methinks you need to take a close look at his stand on gun control.........arguably the most important issue in this election cycle