Thursday, January 31, 2008

I'm There! Kansas State 84 Kansas 75

Yours truly had the privilege last night of attending one of the greatest basketball games in Kansas State history as the Wildcats beat the second ranked Kansas Jayhawks, 84-75.

The K-State win broke a 24 game home losing streak to the Jayhawks and 35 of the last 36 overall. As the game ended, the student section spilled out onto the floor and created a mayhem of jubilee.

The difference maker for K-State was its guard play. To my amazement, they outplayed Kansas with their outstanding ball control-- only 10 turnovers to Kansas' 16. Wildcat freshman guard Jacob Pullen had his biggest game off the bench with 20 points, 4 assists, and only 1 turnover. K-State star Bill Walker led the team early on and Michael Beasley made some critical shots in the second half to maintain the lead. After a back and forth first half, K-State never gave up the lead in the second half.

And the hoopla about Michael Beasley? That guy is the real deal-- a head and shoulders superstar. He was constantly doubled and tripled teamed, yet he scored 25 points and had 6 rebounds. And when bodies fell to the floor, and towels had to be brought out to wipe up the sweat, there was Beasley down on the ground, cleaning the floor-- twice. He's a class act. And first time head coach Frank Martin? Tip the hat to him. The Wildcats controlled the tempo the entire game.

All in all, definitely the greatest college basketball game I've ever witnessed.

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Nathan said...

Horrible! Just horrible I say!!!

Hopefully I'll be at the game in Lawrence when return tha favor.