Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Some of My Favorite Blogs

You like blogs. Which may explain why you're reading this blog. Blogs are great way to share information.

I have over 50 lnks to blogs that I read and enjoy. Today, I'd like to share with you a couple of my favorites.
  • UCCTruths-- Alternative news and opinion about the United Church of Christ denomination. I contribute articles here on an irregular basis.
  • Denny Burk-- Professor at Criswell College in Dallas, I like the variety of subjects that Denny discusses-- theology, politics, sports, and more.
  • Parchment and Pen-- The blog of Reclaiming the Mind ministries, founded by Michael Patton. RTM offers the best online theological education you can find, at a very reasonable price. The blog features thoughtful posts about theology and features weekly posts from Dr. Dan Wallace, a former profession of mine at Dallas Seminary. Dan has a sharp and fertile mind. I always like knowing what he's thinking about.
  • Swerve-- This is the blog of Pastor Craig Groeschel and LifeChurch.tv, based in Edmund, Oklahoma. Craig's articles models outstanding simplicity. He packs more wisdom in less words than anyone I know. Often he writes on a theme for the week. Each entry ends with a question for reflection.

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Denny Burk said...

Thanks for reading, and thanks for the link!