Sunday, April 06, 2008

Pope Decries Divorce, Abortion

Over the weekend, the influential Drudge Report carried a link to this syndicated AFP news story:
Divorce and abortion are offences in the sight of God, Pope Benedict XVI charged Saturday, while calling on the Catholic Church to be merciful to those who had experienced such events.

"The ethical judgment of the Church on divorce and abortion is clear and well-known," he told participants in a Catholic congress on marriage and the family.

"They are serious offenses... which violate human dignity, inflict deep injustice on human and social relations and offend God himself, guarantor of conjugal peace and origin of life," he said.

However he added that there were people who had committed such "errors" but "suffered from wounds to the soul" and "sought peace."
This is standard, orthodox Christian ethics. Has been for hundreds of years. Jesus and Paul both called for no divorce. Psalm 139 affirms the dignity of unborn human beings.

So why is this non-story a story?

Is it because whenever the Pope speaks, a story needs to be filed?

Is this Drudge's way of promoting morals, through a third party?

Is it because our culture's moral compass is so skewed that the Pope's claims are looked upon as radical?

I'm grateful for the Pope's clarity.

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