Friday, January 01, 2010

A Bible Reading Plan You Can Do!

Reading the Bible regularly and consistently is always a challenge. If you're like me, your motivation is great at the beginning of the new year and wanes as the year progresses. And then, when you get behind, you get discouraged, and eventually give up.

But fear not, here's a plan that provides the guidance, discipline, and (missing from most plans), the grace to help you consistently read the whole counsel of God's Word. Called the "Shirkers and Slackers" program, it assigns a specific section of Bible literature to a day of the week. So for example, Thursday is dedicated to the Old Testament prophets. When you finish a reading, you check it off. If you miss a day, the reading will be waiting for you next week.

This is my official Bible reading plan for 2010. I challenge you to do it too! Tortoises, charge!

HT: Justin Taylor

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