Friday, January 15, 2010

Links to the Intergoogle 1/15/10

Attention world travelers: 10 places you cannot go.

I really, really like Logos Bible software. Introductory discounts to version 4 end January 31. Get yours before its too late.

New York Times reporter and columnist Nicholas Kristof asks why so many religions oppress women.

Norway's Northern Lights in an evening: An incredible time lapse video by National Geographic.

Tragic pictures of the devastation after Haiti's 7.0 earthquake.

Denny Burk investigates and debunks Pat Robertson's claim that Haiti made a pact with the devil.

Albert Mohler asks if God hates Haiti.

John Mark Reynolds writes: "Pat Robertson’s statements on Haiti are bad theology, bad philosophy, bad history, and bad pastorally." Amen to that.


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