Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Back (Again)

A local mystery is solved. This from the March 2nd Hutchinson News:

The Reno County Sheriff's Office has found Jesus.

He wasn't found in a religious epiphany or any sort of divine revelation at the Law Enforcement Center.

Someone simply called the office and reported seeing an item glistening near the intersection of 69th and Pennington.

And there, in the middle of an empty field, lay baby Jesus - the plaster cast nativity centerpiece thieves snatched from Trinity United Methodist Church in mid-December.

Miraculously, the Christian icon was returned unharmed, aside from a little dust and dirt that easily can be washed away.

I don’t know about you, but there have been many moments in my life where Jesus disappeared. Sometimes, I’m praying, doing my best to walk in the Spirit, seeking His presence, but He’s no where to be found. Jesus is ominously silent.

Other times, Jesus disappears because I tell Him to scram. I’m too busy doing it Frank Sinatra’s way (“My Way”), too interested in sinning, or too upset that circumstances didn’t turn out as I hoped.

As a pastor, I’ve seen Jesus disappear from people’s lives for entire seasons. They forget Him through college. They separate themselves from Him when confronted with unexplainable tragedy. They get bitter at Him over something.

Just like that baby Jesus—God goes missing all winter long.

But then, like that phone call to the sheriff’s office, an unexpected series of events brings Jesus back into the picture. Spring arrives. Grace blooms. Beauty returns.

I’m always glad when Jesus comes back (again).

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