Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Quick Prayers

Last night before the kids went to sleep, I knelt by their bed and said, "Let's say our prayers."

I might as well said, "Racers, start your engines" and waved the green flag. In record time, my two elementary aged girls rattled off, "Now I lay me down to sleep..."

Hmm..."Let's say our prayers." This is a great way to train future high school debaters in the necessary art of speaking fast.

Hearing my kids' quick prayers took me back to my own childhood. I did the very same thing!

As an adult, I suspect that too often I speed through my prayers with God. Spell out the "grocery list" of needs to the Savior and move on to other urgent business.

I'm certain that God welcomes quick prayers--those urgent, in-the-middle-of-living moments when wisdom or protection is needed. When Peter started drowning after walking on the water toward Jesus, he didn't give a prolonged petition. He simply cried, "Lord, Save me."

I'm not drowning. What's the hurry?

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