Friday, March 10, 2006

Pocket Treasure

Today I put on a pair of pants I haven't worn in quite some time. Feeling the pockets, I could sense that something was inside them.

Instantly, before I could see what it was, I got worried. Last time that I found a little souvenir of the past in my clothes, it was one of my kids' fast-food chicken nuggets. A grease stain will forever remind me of what I forgot to take care of in the past.

When it comes to finding stuff in old pants pockets, you get a quick reminder of the past--a funeral program, a visa receipt, or a scribbled note. If you're lucky, you find money. Today, it was a tube of chap stick.

Life in the present has a way to unexpectedly remind us of life in the past.

So if you have to dig into the pockets of your past, I pray you discover an unexpected reminder of God's grace.

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