Tuesday, March 21, 2006


So much for the prediction, “8”-10” of snow.” In Central Kansas, it was more like a trace, accompanied by lots of rain.

The farmers here will still be happy. Moisture is moisture. But the kids will not be quite so pleased. No snowmen or sledding down the hill of the town’s silo.

However, the weather met my son’s full approval.

He walked the dog with me yesterday morning. His boots were drawn like a magnet to the puddles. Splish-splash-kick-jump!

Maybe Peter was all the more eager to walk on water toward his Savior because he enjoyed puddles as a kid.

Adults aren’t attracted to puddles. We don’t want to risk getting wet or dirtying clothes.

But kids don’t care. To them, it’s all about fun and adventure.

To experience the Savior, sometimes you just have to jump in the puddle.

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