Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Waving Hello

24 junior high-high school students, plus a few parents, and myself, thumped to the beat at Winter Jam at the Bicentennial Center in Salina last Thursday evening, March 2.

What a blast! The extravaganza featured six bands (Krystal Meyers, Hawk Nelson, Zoegirl, Newsong, Toby Mac, and one of my personal favorites, Newsboys) a motorcycle stunt show, and evangelistic youth speaker David Nasser.

8 of our kids (1/3 of our group!) responded to David's invitation, making either a first time commitment to Christ or rededication.

Amidst the three hours--a never ending wall of sound and lights--there was one lull moment, an inconspicuous event that really touched me.

Before the evening's last set, the MC shouted, "Please welcome the Newsboys," and walked off stage. The crowd of 4,000 looked at the stage, but the band didn't come out.

Apparently, the MC announced his welcome a tad too early, because the sound and stage crew was still on stage, frantically setting things up. So the crowd temporarily turned their attention elsewhere.

When the Newsboys did come out, there was not another announcement. No fancy lights started up. No burst of music blared. The band just walked out. The crowd didn't really notice.

And in that few seconds of lull, lead singer Peter Furler (the bald headed guy) looked up toward the section where our group was sitting and waved.

My reaction to Peter's wave surprised me. My stomach roll over: HE LOOKED AT ME. HE SAID HELLO.

I know, it's crazy. I'm one of 4,000 people in this arena. I'm sitting in the nosebleed section, 8 rows from the roof. Peter Furler can't be looking at me. But it felt that way.

Later, after wondering why I so startled by Peter's wave, I got to thinking: How often do I recognize God's wave? Through Jesus? Through nature? Through the Word? Through worship? Through others? And when I do recognize God's wave, how do I respond?

I'll bet God is waving at us a lot.


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