Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Bush Visits Greensburg

President Bush visited Kansas today and toured the tornado stricken town of Greensburg.

After flying over the town in a helicopter, his caravan drove through the streets, and then he met with dozens of the town's people. In all, President Bush spent three hours in Greensburg.

"My mission is to lift people's spirit here," he said. "I'm struck by the character of the people in the plains, who refuse to have their spirit affected by this storm...America is blessed to have such people."

Each of the Wichita televisions stations--KSN, KAKE, and KWCH--provided live coverage. The Wichita Eagle is providing continual updates. Meanwhile, the Hutchinson News is reporting on flooding in the region.

The cynic in me says that every politician--Republican and Democrat alike--is using Greensburg for their own political posturing. For example, Barack Obama claimed in a speech that "10,000 people died" in Kansas. The actual number is 12.

On the otherhand, the neighbor in me is glad to see our politicians going to bat for people when they're help is truly needed.

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