Thursday, May 24, 2007

Family Story

Yesterday before bedtime, my 6-year-old middle kid, who was drawing pictures, says to me, "Daddy, I have a story to show you."

She started to tell our family's story. "This is when you and Mommy got married. This is when you had Julia. This is when she died. This is when you had big sissy. This is when you had me. And this is when you had little brother. The End."

It's fascinating what runs through the mind of a child. What made her think about all this? Unknown to her, in this little exercise, she's learning the elements of storytelling, contemplating what makes a family, and recounting history.

I asked her, "Whose in the middle of this story? Who is writing it?"

Without hesitation, she replied, "God."

Either she's mastered the Sunday School response to all questions, or she's realizing something great--that her story is a part of God's story. Her purpose fits into God's purposes.

What's your story?

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