Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Day Finger Pickers Took Over the World

Yesterday I was browsing through the music stack at the Hutchinson Library when I came across a CD I didn't even know existed, even though its been out for nearly ten years--"The Day Finger Pickers Took Over the World."

This recording features two of the greatest guitars to ever grace the planet--Chet Atkins and Tommy Emmanuel. Each represent their generation as examples of incredible players. Atkins, had a long career that started with RCA in 1947. Emmanuel is well-known in his native of Australia, but is gaining increasing attention here in the United States through appearances at places like the Walnut Valley Festival. A good friend and I saw Emmanuel at Wichita's Orpheum Theatre a few years ago and both of us were amazed (check out this clip of "Amazing Grace"); he's a great player and a funny entertainer.

"The Day Guitar Pickers..." is a light hearted recording that features lightning fast licks, smooth melodies, and humorous vocals. The production is minimal so the guitar picking shines bright. This was Atkins' last recording before his death in 2001.

I'm going to enjoy this CD. Too bad it's due back at the library on June 11.

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