Monday, May 07, 2007

We're OK, But Greensburg Is Not

With Kansas in the national news because of weekend tornadoes, several out-of-town friends and relatives have asked how we are in Little River.

We're fine. There were several small tornadoes to the east and west of us, but nothing got close to us. We did get a lot of rain though, which created some local flooding. The little river (Little Arkansas) that winds through our town is out of its banks for the first time in years. North of us at Kannopolis Lake, the 100 acre + lake is up 13 feet. Last fall, the lake was so low you couldn't get a boat in. Salina, KS--45 minutes northeast of us--has extensive flooding. South of us, the rural community of Saxman is being evacuated.

Greensburg, KS--which got hit by a F-5 tornado on Friday night--is 2.5 hours southwest of Little River, about 110 miles away. 95 % of the town was destroyed. One person was found alive after two days in rubble. Rebuilding the town will be very difficult.

Information on how to give help is available here. Meanwhile, everyone's prayers are needed.

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pburgmo said...

Glad to hear all are well there. Note my new blog identity. Something happened and my old password was dead.