Friday, May 19, 2006

Da Vinci Code Bottom Line

When I took preaching classes, one of the questions we were constantly told to keep in the front of our mind was, "So what?" So what is the spiritual message people will take away from Da Vinci Code?

Michael Novak in National Review sums up the message he got from the movie:

"All that matters, Tom Hanks tells the only living descendant of Christ, is what you believe. Not truth, not reality, but whatever you believe. That's what matters. You make up reality as you go. The professor Hanks plays makes plain that he believes that Jesus is only a man—a man and that's all. A great moral teacher, perhaps, but only a man."

Again, let's ask the question. So what?

Near the end of Monday's Da Vinci Code debate (see earlier entries this week), Dr. Darrell Bock answers this question very well.

(I'm paraphrasing as best as memory serves):

"Dan Brown's book leaves you thinking that all you need to do is tap into your 'divine spark' and then go and enjoy the journey. But the Biblical testimony is quite different. It declares that God is holy, righteous, and good. You are accountable to Him for how you live. Believers confess that we fall short of God's high expectations. We cling to the love and grace that God offers us in Christ and his cross. If God truly offers mercy, you would be wise to accept it. But God respects His creation enough to let you make that choice."

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