Monday, May 08, 2006

Soggy Sale Successful

It rained in the morning and was overcast all day, but thank the Lord, we had a successful church sale auction on Saturday.

Special thanks goes out to Oswalt Auctions and Double H Auctions for the contribution of their time and talent to our sale.

The monies raised from the day support our church's ongoing mission activities.

Early in the morning, I met for the first time a pastor and his wife from nearby Hutchinson. "You've been having this sale for 52 years? This is the first time we heard of it. We love coming to auctions."

It's certainly entertaining. One of the pieces of merchandise I held up to the audience was a tall ceramic clown. As the auctioneer got ready to sell it, he said, "Now there is a silly clown. Oh, I shouldn't say that about the preacher!"

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