Tuesday, May 23, 2006

What Comes Around...

Yesterday I went to visit Helen & Irvin, an elderly couple who live at The Cedars in McPherson. They are the parents of George, a man who was a member of my church and who passed away several years ago. Now Helen isn't doing too well, so I went to call on them, even though they're members at the nearby Methodist church. When you live in a small town, it doesn't matter what church you attend--you're all neighbors.

The three of us visited about 15 minutes. We talked about a mutual friend of ours, Helen & Irvin's granddaughter who gave a marvelous address at Little River's high school Baccalaureate service, and read God's promise that He will care for His people throughout all of life--especially near the end--in Isaiah 46:3-4.

Afterwards, Irvin escorted me out of their room and into the commons area where he introduced me to their nurse, a woman named Lynn.

"Lynn was a student in one of Helen's Kindergarten classes," Irvin said. And then he pointed me to a B&W picture on a bulletin board. It was an old class picture. I recognized Helen. And Irvin identified Lynn.

Then Lynn joined in. "I'd been out of this area for a lot of years, but we recently came back and I started working here. It was quite a surprise to see my Kindergarten teacher again."

The teacher took care of the student. And now, the student takes care of the teacher.

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