Thursday, May 04, 2006

True Love--Diversity in Unity

Last evening, 12 junior high students committed themselves to abstinence before marriage at the True Love Waits ceremony last night at our local Catholic church.

True Love Waits is an international program that was started locally a couple of years ago by two Catholic women. Their first class was just with Catholic kids, but then they started offering it to anyone in the community. This year's class met in our church's basement.

This program is an illustration of the level of cooperation and love between the three churches in Little River--Catholic, Methodist, and Congregational.

It's always a bit funny when we all three groups come together to worship, like we did last night at the Catholic church.

When the Methodist pastor, and the Catholic priest, and me process down to the altar at start of the service, Father Garza bows at the altar, but the Methodist pastor and me forget. When the commitment rings were blessed, Father Garza splashed them with Holy Water. Everyone smiled at the surprise reaction of the protestant kids who got a little wet.

Obviously, our three churches have vast differences in liturgy and theology, but when we do come together, we celebrate our unity in Christ.

Even if it is a bit clumsy.

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