Monday, August 21, 2006

Bruce Cockburn

Last night I saw Bruce Cockburn, one of my favorite artists, perform in Kansas City at the Emporium.

Cockburn is a musician, guitarist, singer, songwriter. A Canadian, his lyrics are thick with observations about love, politics, and faith.

This was the fourth time I've seen him--Pittsburgh and Cincinnati in the late 80's, and Dallas in 1992. This was definitely the smallest venue. There was about 200 people, me, and my friend Lonnie. We pulled up chairs and were seven rows back.

Songs in his set list included his popular "Wondering Where the Lions Are," "Open," "Lovers In a Dangerous Time," "If A Tree Falls," "Night Train," "Last Night of the World," and "Put It In Your Heart."

New songs played from Bruce 29th album included, "Mystery," Baghdad," "Life Short Call Now," "Beautiful Creature," and "Slow Down Fast," "Tell the Universe," and "Different When It Comes to You."

I was surprised we didn't hear "Rocket Launcher" during the encores.

If you've never heard him before, he's definitely worth checking out. What a great way to wrap up the summer.

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littleriverlon said...

What a show!!! I was a little tired at work, but the loss of sleep was well worth it. We were so glad to have you guys come and see our new spread. Played in a two daqy golf tourney yesterday and Sunday. We didn't win. but I won a Callaway golf bag via a closest to the pin contest. Just so happens it was my first and best shot of the day-- a wedge from 130. I left it about a foot from the hole.