Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Price of Gas

The other day I was on Main Street in our little town when I ran into a friend who sang at our church six weeks ago. Originally, we had planned to eat lunch after church, but I had to cancel because my son David was taken to the emergency room and eventually hospitalized the night before.

My friend asked, "Is your son OK?" I replied, "Yeah, he's fine. We took him in because he was in a lot of pain--his belly was bloated and hard as a rock. As it turned out, all he was suffering from was trapped gas...Now why couldn't he have this problem in the middle of Wednesday? Instead, it had to be on Saturday night, 11:00pm, when the only place to get him help is the emergency room. So basically, we spent $1,000 on trapped gas."

Hearing this, another friend standing by said, "And people have the nerve to complain about the price of gas!"

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