Friday, August 11, 2006

"Comma-Tary" on God Is Still Speaking

The paper I presented at the Faithful & Welcoming's national conference about the United Church's "God Is Still Speaking" advertising and identity campaign is now posted on the website of Faithful & Welcoming Churches.

"'Comma-Tary' on the United Church of Christ's Still Speaking Initiative" offers an in-depth theological analysis on the campaign--considering its view of UCC history, its preference for recent revelation, its view that God's nature is evolving, and its view that the church be radically all-embracing.

In short, I put forth a four-fold case about the phrase, "God is still speaking."

1) It is a good summary of the UCC’s history, yet it cannot prima facie validate our history today as correct. 2) It warrants the UCC’s interest in God’s revelation today—in comparison to evangelicals, conservatives, orthodox, traditional believers (ECOT’s) pattern of placing all revelation in the sieve of sola scriptura. 3) It warrants the UCC’s belief in an all-embracing, inclusive God—in comparison to ECOT’s preference for God who redeems sinful humanity through Jesus Christ. 4) It warrants the UCC’s “extravagant welcome” in all aspects of the church’s life—in comparison to ECOT’s preference for distinctions and holiness guidelines.

If you're a member of the United Church of Christ, or if you really enjoy thinking and talking about theology, I welcome your thoughts and responses.

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