Monday, February 19, 2007

A Chicken Tale

One day years ago when I growing up, my mother served us kids a chicken dinner. Somehow we got to talking about how chickens end up on our plate and mom then shared about her own childhood experience:
"On the farm I got a chicken out of the pen, chopped its head off, and then the chicken started running around with its head off. Then, I plucked the feathers, and cooked it up."
Running around with its head off? Immediately my junior high mind could picture the scene mother was describing. It seemed so absurb it was hilarious. Never did I realize how much my mom was capable of sparking my imagination. After that story, I had a newfound respect for her.

The other day I got to thinking that too many times I live like a headless chicken. Though I claim to be a Christian, too often I live in my own strength, disconnected from God's Holy Spirit.

Running around like a headless chicken.

Lord, empower your chicken servant today.

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