Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Hidden Advantage of Parenting Classes

Tonight my entire family--wife and kids--is attending an 8 week parenting class sponsored by the McPherson Family Life Center.

When Mrs. Ted first suggested we participate, I hesitated.

Another night out of the house. We've taken this class before. I'm a pastor. Aren't I supposed to be an expert?

But my wife persisted in a kind way and I in turn relented.

So last week we show up with six other families for the first class. The parents are upstairs in their class. The kids are downstairs with own instructors.

Our teacher Barb Claassen asked everyone in the room why they joined the class and what they hoped to get out of it. Some want new ideas for handling their kids. Others are looking for encouragement. But one man, when he described what he wanted out of the class, revealed the hidden advantage of attending a parenting class:

"I get to sit here for two hours in peace and quiet."

I think I'm gonna like this class after all.

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