Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Birthday to This Blog

Today is this blog's 1st birthday.


According to StatCounter, you're one of 10 visitors who drops by daily and one of 1,200 visitors who've happened upon this site at one time or another.

Let me offer a sincere "thank you" for spending some of your leisure time here.

My goal in the beginning was to write something interesting each weekday, Monday-Friday. 260 entries over the past year indicates that...well, at least something got written.

Some of my favorite posts:
The post that was viewed the most:
  • Analysis of why the Puerto Rico Conference left the United Church of Christ
Biblios is a greek word that means "Bible" or "book." "Living the Biblios" implies that we're all living out a story--a story I pray includes Jesus at the center. It's been fun recording moments in the journey and sharing it with you. If you're not yet a blogger, try it!

Your life is a story. Live it well. Live it to the glory of God.

1 comment:

littleriverlon said...

Hey- you got something accomplished anyway. If nothing else, you clarified your set of beliefs and give others ( me) something to think about. You even recieved a little brilliant feedback froma the guy in Pittsburg :) .
What did you do for the Superbowl without me? I watched, but it wasn't the same.
Hope all is well with the family and the church family. God Bless.