Friday, February 23, 2007

Reading Lyrics, Reading Scripture

Having worked several years in a record store* near a college campus during the mid 1980's I've noticed that music lyrics tend to be so vague, they can mean anything you want:

When Steve Perry laments “They say that the road ain’t no place to start a family,” then “to you,” that could mean:

(1) It’s hard to be a parent when you are traveling all the time, or
(2) The life of a musician is tough, or
(3) A matress would be softer…

So writes Tony Rose, who reflects on the important differences of reading lyrics and reading Scripture. If you're interested in how words get interpreted, this is an interesting article. Check it out.

Meanwhile, today I got to talking about music with a store clerk. He asked, "That guy who sings in Aerosmith--wasn't he once in the Bee Gees?"

Uggh...don't think so.

And still on topic of music, have you heard how ITunes caught a classical pianist in a Milli Vanilli style scandal?

* Gosh, that's such an antique term now--for those of you who are younger, that's a store that sells recorded music.

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