Thursday, March 01, 2007

Close Vote Keeps Us in UCC

By a 1 vote margin, our church decided last night to remain affiliated with the United Church of Christ.

There were 59 votes to leave and 31 votes to stay. That result does not fulfill the 2/3 majority threshold that our constitution requires to change our denominational status.

Several people asked me last night, "Now what?"

The short answer is we move forward. The Board of Trustees and the Deaconate have scheduled a meeting for Wednesday, March 28, 7:00pm, to discuss what specific steps we should take next. One thing we should do is formally become a Faithful and Welcoming Church.

God has put us all together and made us family. Let's stay together. The Lord has a positive future for us.

Consider what God is doing now among us. The Gospel is being proclaimed. People are growing in their relationship to Jesus. We have long, established friendships, rooted in love. We have a fulfilling worship experience. We provide meaningful service to neighbors in our community and beyond.

Let's remain committed to seeing that continue!


Gregory Schwarz said...

I am happy that your church may now look towards the future. I have been reading your blog sense the end of the K/O conference and have had a lot of fun reading. It has helped me through college this year in Pittsburg. I hoped that your church would stay with the UCC but if it didn't I knew it was the best situation for your church. I will pray and be thinking about your church just as I have been.

Peace be with you.

Living the Biblios said...


Thanks for your message! I'm glad we can share a little time together in cyberspace and encourage each other. Thanks especially for your prayers.