Tuesday, March 27, 2007

You're Lucky

Last evening, out of the blue, my six-year-old blurts out to me, "You're lucky to be a pastor."

"Why," I asked.

She replied, "Because you get to tell people about God."

Years ago when the Lord called me into the ministry, I didn't feel lucky for the chance to be a pastor. In fact, I went in kicking and screaming. I much preferred sharing Jesus from the position of an "outsider," as opposed to a paid professional "insider." But now that I have that title, "Rev." (never liked how that sounded), I've discovered that I get opportunities to share the Gospel that people who aren't pastors do not. At the same time though, because I am a pastor, I've lost other opportunities because I'm marked as the "religious guy."

So whether you're an "insider" or an "outsider," anytime you get the chance to share the Good News of Jesus with someone, you're just plain lucky.

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