Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Road Trip

1,788.1 miles.

That's what the odometer on my '96 Honda Civic said I drove on my Thursday-Monday trip to Indiana.

I went to the Midwest gathering of the Evangelical Theological Society in Winona Lake, IN to present my paper, "Comma-Tary On the United Church of Christ's 'God Is Still Speaking' Campaign" (An earlier version of it is available here).

Before I left Kansas, I figured I'd be driving 1,000 miles to speak to 3 people. I was right. 3 people came to my presentation. At least they were interested in the subject. Later, I gave copies of the paper to a couple of seminary professors. I've always wanted to present a paper at ETS and now I can say I did.

Gordon Johnston and Darrell Bock of Dallas Theological Seminary gave lectures on the topic, "Jesus the Messiah: Promises, Expectations, and Coming of Israel's King."

The weekend conference was definitely an academic affair, but I enjoyed the brain exercise and the chance to visit with other evangelical Christians.

My trip doesn't compare to "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure," but I did some other things along the way:

I had lunch with my friend Earl in St. Louis.

I spent two days with my cousin and her husband. They live in Ft. Wayne. Last time I saw them was 16 years ago.

I sat in on an outstanding Taylor Guitar workshop S.M. Hansen Music in Salina, KS with finger style guitar genius Chris Proctor.

Best of all, when I came home, the family was very glad to see me.

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littleriverlon said...

You went to a workshop to see Proctor and you didn't call me??? How was he? Did you receive a package from me yet?